– Jan 2018 –


Meghann wins The Missouri Review's Jeffrey E. Smith Editors' Prize!!


The Missouri Review will be publishing 7 poems by Meghann in the spring.  A reception and a grant of $5,000 will be awarded in April 2018. 

– May 2017 –

Meghann Wins The Third Coast Poetry Prize Judged by Natalie Diaz! 


Of “Elegy for My Unborn Child” Natalie Diaz writes: “‘The poem is urgent. It’s lexicon and imagery return to the body in all its wonder and vulnerability. The possibility introduced in the first line with the words ‘would have’ are built into reality, through precision of language and emotional imaging. By the poem’s end, we experience loss along with the speaker, the almost apple we might have handed to him.”

– December 2016 –

Meghann is a finalist for Narrative Magazine's 30 Below Contest

– October 2016 –

Moving Poems features Meghann Plunkett's animated poem "Human"

– October 2016  –

In Response to Donald Trump's leaked conversation, Meghann Plunkett creates an erasure giving voice to women from oppressive language. Featured on Luna Luna Magazine.

– September 2016 –

Meghann Plunkett's poem "Researchers Find the Father’s DNA Stays in the Brains of Impregnated Women, Even Those Who Don’t Carry to Term" is chosen for the Academy of American Poet's Prize and featured on poets.org

– March 2016  –

Meghann Designs a new logo for Muzzle Magazine. Interview Here.